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Neikka Rpm - Rise Of The 13Th Serpent (CD)


Neikka Rpm - Rise Of The 13Th Serpent (CD)

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Release Date: 10/27/06

Over the curse of some 30 months, Dominique lured her carefully selected victims into the darkness of her studio to experience a host of wicked and intense recording sessions. Once fallen into her innocently disguised trap, her prestigious guests could only surrender and let her guide their voices through the shifting shadows of her hard industrial arrangements. And this is how NEIKKA RPM's new album features the virulent venom of prominent male vocalists in the likes of Claus Larsen (LEAETHER STRIP), Claus Kruse (PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE), J3 (';GRUMH...), Len Lemeire (IMPLANT), DJ Rexx Arkana (BRUDERSCHAFT/ FGFC820) and a unique spoken-word performance from the acclaimed Japanese cyberpunk author Kenji Siratori, all of which perfectly contrast Dominique's whispery incantations...

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch
Run Time: 46:43 mins

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