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Neva Geoffrey - The Days Are Rolling (CD)


Neva Geoffrey - The Days Are Rolling (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

Neva Geoffrey's melodies come together to form torch songs that take you to the depths of obscurity while remaining in your heart. With a record that emits her journey, you'll remember now-distanced moods that once possessed you as the tenderness in her voice is heard weaving through guitar strings and sweeping piano pop, or lurching in ambience just heavy enough and no heavier. Throughout it all, Neva's narratives will thin the thickest of skins, and coax the toughest of brutes so that these thin-skinned brutes can release their softer side. Warm, ethereal songs like 'Maiden Lane' introduce her unique writing style as she expresses the doubt lurking in all our thoughts, while 'Glass Eyes' will help you recall your most prideful experience with love. Her debut album The Days are Rolling on Alias Records (Archers of Loaf, Yo La Tengo, Scourge of the Sea) nicely compliments a record collection that already includes Dusty Springfield, Elliott Smith, Andrew Bird, and Cat Power.

Label: ALIAS
Genre: Alternative/Punk

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