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Newsreel History Of The Thirdreich - 1-5 (DVD)


Newsreel History Of The Thirdreich - 1-5 (DVD)

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Release Date: 07/28/09

This DVD includes unique footage plundered by Russian Troops in 1945 compiled from German newsreels made under the influence of Goebbels' Ministry of Propaganda. This 5 DVD set includes Vol. 1 about the period from the end of the Great War to the emergence of Hitler; Vol. 2 covers 1936-1939; Vol. 3 features 1940 Pt. 1 including Denmark and Copenhagen, Dunkirk, and surrender of France; Vol. 4 features 1940 Pt. 2 including Operation Sea-Lion (invasion of Great Britain) and Mussolini's attacks on Greece and Egypt; and Vol. 5 features 1941 Pt. 1 including shelling of Dover, Hitler in the Balkans, paratrooper invasion of Crete, and Gen. Rommel's army in Cyrenacia.

Genre: War
Run Time: 429 mins

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