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Newsreels of 1951, Volume 2 (DVD)


Newsreels of 1951, Volume 2 (DVD)

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Release Date: 06/24/14

An award-winning marathon collection of momentous events covered by the Universal International camera crew.

Between 1929 and 1967, Universal-International newsreels were released twice weekly, many narrated by famed announcer Ed Herlihy. It was almost impossible to attend a motion picture that was not preceded by one. Top production crews traversed the nation and the globe to bring the leading stories in politics, entertainment, sports as well as national and global affairs, back to eager audiences.<P>Highlights from this collection include the crisis in Iran as the local government seizes British oil fields. West Point is rocked by a cheating scandal. General MacArthur reviews 30,000 VFWs in a march down Madison Avenue. America's top fashion prizes are awarded. Princess Elizabeth visits Truman in Washington. The British send troops to Iran to defend their oil fields. Thousands of Allied POWs are found murdered by their Communist captors. Hollywood turns out for its annual Christmas Parade. The tenth anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day is celebrated. College football highlights include powerhouse Notre Dame squaring off against USC and the Army and Navy clash in the 52nd annual classic from Philadelphia.

Genre: Documentary
Run Time: 67 mins

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