Nikola Djoric - The Accordion Album (CD)

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„For my first solo album I have chosen works by composers that I very much appreciate, Iove and had worked with for a long time. The order of titles is not coincidental. I tried to build a mood of forms; since, on one hand, all works or work groups distinguish themselves through a tripartite: Bach's work has three movements, there are three Scarlatti sonatas, Mozart's work has three movements and Franck's work has one movement, but with three parts; while on the other hand the compositions, or parts of them, are connected to each other through their keys. With this order, I tried to forge a bridge that enthralls the Iistener.' - Nikola Djoric

Additional Details

Label: Orlando Records

Genre: Classical

Run Time: 53:37 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/10/16

UPC: 9120040730536

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