Nine Pound Hammer - Sex, Drugs& Bill Monroe (CD)

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Release Date: 02/26/08

Three years after their first studio release in nearly a decade, the critically acclaimed Kentucky Breakdown, Nine Pound Hammer is finally reaping the rewards of 18 years of hard work and hard livin'!! Their version of 'Radar Love' from 2005's Mulebite Deluxe was used in the CBS series 'Drive,' and David Schwimmer nabbed the classic Hammer track 'Run Fatboy Run' for his upcoming film of the same name. And if havin' a tune on Tony Hawk's new video game wasn't cool enough, the gang at Aqua Teen Hunger Force corralled the Hammer to pen a theme for their smash Adult Swim series, 12 Oz. Mouse! The boys also wrote 'Carl's Theme' for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force feature film, whose soundtrack has old over 50,000 copies! Now founding members Scott Luallen and Blaine Cartwright (Grammy-nominated lead singer of Nashville Pussy) are back with a powerhouse new release, 'Sex, Drugs & Bill Monroe'. Fourteen new Hammer anthems, including a rousing cover of John Anderson's 'Black Sheep'. Known for their steamroller brand of buzzsaw guitar country-punk and energetic live shows, these hellacious, garage rock sh*t-stompers like it loud and dirty. 'Real life has left us even more RAW, BITTER and MANIC than when we were young pups,' draws Scott Luallen, the razor-throated lead singer. Guitarist Blaine Cartwright, 'Now more than ever, with so much CRAP ROCK out there, and so many LIGHTWEIGHT 'alt-country' bands, we are pissed off and ready to show these little sh*ts how it's done!'

Genre: Pop/Rock

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