Nine Pound Hammer - When The S#!t Goes Down (CD)

SKU: ATE7065

$ 11.99


Release Date: 10/01/21

Cowpunk legends Nine Pound Hammer team up with producer Daniel Rey (Ramones, Iggy) - and the s#!t went down!

Known for their steamroller brand of buzzsaw guitar country-punk and energetic live shows, these hellacious, garage rock s#!t-stompers continue to deliver it loud and dirty. 'Real life has left us even more RAW, BITTER and MANIC than when we were young pups,' draws Scott Luallen, the razor-throated lead singer. Guitarist Blaine Cartwright, 'Now more than ever, with so much CRAP ROCK out there, and so many LIGHTWEIGHT 'alt-country' bands, we are pissed off and ready to show these little s#!ts how it's done!'

Label: Acetate Records
Genre: Alternative/Punk
Language: English
Run Time: 44:15 mins

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