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Obsession (DVD)


Obsession (DVD)

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Release Date: 06/05/07

Robert Newton stars as Clive Riordan, a London doctor who can not and will not tolerate the humiliation of his faithless wife, Storm (Sally Gray). When he catches her with her American lover, Bill Kronin, Dr. Riordan plans his perfect revenge. He leads his wife's lover away at gunpoint and from that moment Bill Kronin seems to have vanished. There is, however, more to Dr. Riordan's sinister plan than just being rid of Kronin -- in his private laboratory he is preparing a means to an awful end. Scotland Yard become involved with no clue other than a missing dog...Clive Riordan embodies Obsession in this classic, disturbing psychological thriller.

Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Run Time: 91 mins

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