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Of The Wand And The Moon - The Lone Descent (CD)


Of The Wand And The Moon - The Lone Descent (CD)

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Release Date: 01/10/12

Kim Larsen travels down a different road shining darkly with 60s influenced love for Lee Hazlewood and Serge Gainsbourg.

No More Happy Songs! The long awaited and anticipated 5th album from Denmark's Of The Wand & The Moon. Still keeping the dark neofolk roots though, 'The Lone Descent' is without doubt the most bleak and melancholic album from Of The Wand & The Moon, clearly shows Larsen's brilliant talent as a singer/songwriter. Featuring Lorenzo Woodrose, Aron, cellist Soma Allpass (Mew, Martin Hall), Bo Rande (The William Blakes, Mew), John Murphy (Death In June, Knifeladder, Nico, SPK), John van der Lieth (Sonne Hagal) Anne Eltard (Solanaceae) THE HARDER YOU STRUGGLE THE TIGHTER THE LOOSE!

Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 60:06 mins

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