Old Time Comedy Classics Volume 2 (DVD)

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Get ready to sit back and laugh at the greatest comedy films of all time!

A tremendous collection of some of the funniest movies ever produced! Now a whole new generation are able to rediscover the appeal of these two-reel silent masterpieces. These delightful comedies date as far back as 1918 and have been unseen in decades. These little comedic gems have been lovingly restored and are offered on DVD for the very first time! HARD BOILED YEGGS (1926) - Billy West, the best-known and most successful Charlie Chaplin imitator is the star and producer of this very funny 1926 comedy in which Billy inherits a large sum of money and a dive on the wrong side of town. The will states that if Billy should die, two thugs will get the money and the 'café.' The hooligans try with all their might to make sure that Billy ends up dead! Billy West does not attempt to imitate Chaplin's little tramp character in this film, but instead tkes on his own persona. CAMPUS ROMEOS (1927) - Hilliard 'Fatty' Karr (here appearing as Fatty Carr), Frank 'Fatty' Alexander and 'Kewpie' Ross star in this 'Ton Of Fun' comedy. Advertised by Film Booking Office as the 'three fattest men on the screen,' the three chunky thespians starred in 34 shorts, many with the adjective 'heavy' in the title. PARDON ME (1922) - Featuring Eddie Lyons (November 25, 1886 - August 30, 1926), an American film actor, director, writer and producer. Lyons appeared in 388, directed 153, wrote for 93 and produced 40 films between 1911 and 1926. AFRICA, F.O.B. (1925) - Featuring Monty Banks and William Blaisdell. DIXIE MADCAPS (1918) - This rare comedy from 1918 features two young vaudeville stars, Jane and Catherine Lee, and a large cast of African-American actors. The film contains racial humor and stereotypes reflective of the period.


Cast & Crew

  •       Billy West
  •       Ton Of Fun
  •       Eddie Lyons
  •       Monty Banks
  •       William Blaisdell
  •       Jane And Catherine Lee
  • Additional Details

    Label: Televista

    Genre: Comedy

    Run Time: 116 mins

    Release Date: 04/01/08

    UPC: 029502450021

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