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Only Love Knows (DVD)


Only Love Knows (DVD)

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Release Date: 02/05/08

Some say love is blind ... whether this is true, Only Love Knows . Yvette ( Reid) is searching for two things in life, a stable family life and a meaningful education to go with it . Pluto ( Williams ) , her common-law husband is depriving her of both, while at the same time , providing no meaningful alternatives. As Pluto's abuses mount, their only daughter, Sashauna ( Bartley ) challenges her mother's tolerance . After threatening to kill her father, she finds herself being nervously drawn to a relationship of her own with Trevor ( Hall ) . However , Trevor represents very different values and the romantic prospects look good. Faced with fears from a serious reality check , Pluto has to make a decision. This layered romantic drama is set in rural Clarendon , Jamaica .

Genre: Reggae
Run Time: 74 mins

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