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Opium Jukebox - Black Sabbath Tribute - Bhangr (CD)


Opium Jukebox - Black Sabbath Tribute - Bhangr (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

Hey Sharon...! Some dopoe-smoking tw*t has focked up me music!<br />Climb aboard the the Dis-Orient express!<br />Ozzy Osbourne stole the hearts of over 6 million viewers tuning in every week to see his life story on TV-The Osbourne's...some of them have to buy this right'!<br />Features Two of Ozzy Osbournes five greatest musical moments are mentioned in the May 9th Rolling Stone.<br />The Opium Jukebox team have brought you to their trademark dubbed-up, chilled out, chemically enhanced tribute: Bhangra Bloody Bhangra-A Tribute to Black Sabbath: featuring the most popular man in America-Ozzy Osbourne-destined to be an underground classic.<br />'A most amazing notion!'-John Peel, BBC Radio<br />'It's a great idea that's superbly executed...' -Mark Weddle,<br />'...this album is one mind f*#k waiting to happen...'-Alex Steineger,<br />'Best enjoyed in an altered state of mind, or as a backdrop for creative processes.'-Jed Hargrove,<br />'This is Muzak for the digital age.'

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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