Ozone Acoustyle Quartet - Organic Food (CD)

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The excellent French-Hungarian quartet captured live.

French saxophonist Christophe Monniot and Paris-based Hungarian master of various keyboards, Emil Spányi, created Ozone in 2006 as a duo. In 2010, with drummer John Quitzke already as a trio, they recorded their album This is C'est la vie at BMC Records.
Rounded up to a quartet lately with also Paris-based excellent Hungarian double bass player Mátyás Szandai, the foursome, named Ozone Acoustyle Quartet, played on the stage of BMC's Opus Jazz Club in November 2014, mesmerizing its audience. The addition of the rhythm section was like an organic evolution of the decade-long symbiosis between Monniot and Spányi, and the result was a mature program with dense texture and a brilliant balance of composition and improvisation. Through nearly a year's careful studio works by Emil Spányi in the LDF Studio, France, the recording of the concert became distilled to Organic Food.

Track Listing

    • Grace
    • Anatology
    • Du Vent Dans Les Voiles Part 1
    • Du Vent Dans Les Voiles Part 2
    • Du Vent Dans Les Voiles Part 3
    • Du Vent Dans Les Voiles Part 4
    • Yo-Yo
    • The Fifth Seal
    • Greensleeves (What Child Is This)

    Additional Details

    Label: BMC Records

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 53 mins

    Release Date: 05/06/16

    UPC: 5998309302299

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