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Paralysed Age - Into The Ice (CD)


Paralysed Age - Into The Ice (CD)

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Release Date: 08/20/02

Into the Ice album for sale by Paralysed Age was released Aug 20, 2002 on the Dancing Ferret Discs label. Forgive the suddenly juvenile reviewer for breaking out his third-rate Mike Myers' Sprockets routine from Saturday Night Live -- at one listen to a goth record from a Rhineland duo with German-accented singing and drum machine dance beats. Now we dance! Good thing you can't see it Into the Ice songs. Anyway, Paralysed Age is a group who mixes it up, with Michael's metallic-industrial guitars mixed with lighter-picked sounds; Andrea's gothic, doomy synths; repetitive structures that are a bit reminiscent of the Cure circa Pornography; and Michael's very serious-toned singing. Into the Ice CD music contains a single disc with 12 songs.

Genre: Pop/Rock

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