Paul Plimley - Everything In Stages (CD)

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Playing inside, outside, and all around a Bösendorfer grand, Plimley reveals an idiosyncratic but powerful vision of the piano-as-orchestra. Paying tribute to his pianistic mentors (among them Ellington, Powell, Monk, Ibrahim and Taylor), he synthesizes jazz traditions, classical influences, and elements of new music (Zappa, Steve Reich) into a number of stylistic approaches which he combines and varies throughout a diverse program of original compositions and improvisations.

Track Listing

    • Your Head is Now a Drum
    • Shards From a Future Melancholy
    • Influx
    • Waitress Laughter
    • Kicks 'n Boogie
    • Select Magical Skyfall
    • Digital Bracelets
    • Castanets for Pinocchio
    • Touch of Orisas
    • Evolution of Adjacent Monuments
    • What Time is it'
    • And the Answer is...
    • Parachute Four
    • Where When is What
    • You and Her
    • Sirens For Ulysses
    • Phase Two, Further in the Drum

    Additional Details

    Label: Songlines

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 63 mins

    Release Date: 03/04/96

    UPC: 774355150320

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