Peter Eotvos - Paradise Reloaded (lilith) (CD)

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World premiere studio recording of Peter Eotvos' opera featuring same cast of characters as on the premiere performance.

Following the 2010 Munich world premiere of his opera, The Tragedy of the Devil, Peter Eotvos decided to make some revisions to it. Though following the plot of the original piece, written by the German playwright Albert Ostermaier, there are some key points where the new material completes or even reconsiders the original one. While in the original play the main protagonist is Lucifer, in Paradise Reloaded the spotlight falls on to a different character, Lilith, the first wife of Adam. In this new piece, Peter Eotvos explores the hypothetical question: what would have happened if our culture which is explicitly based on the Bible had chosen Lilith to be the ancestress of mankind, instead of Eve?
In the first scene Lilith is being expelled from Paradise and forced to live in the desert as a demon mother. She returns to bear a child to Adam - this newborn could free her from her demonic exile. However, Adam's second wife, Eve, thwarts Lilith and the conflict between the two women forms the drama of this new piece. Lilith was created by God in the same way as Adam; they were equal - whereas Eve was created from Adam's rib. Lilith represents free will, power and conspiracy, while Eve stands for femininity, purity and self-sacrifice.
The structure of the opera is similar to The Tragedy of Man by Imre Madách, in which the human couple are cast out from Paradise and guided by Lucifer through the past, present and future. In Paradise Reloaded, Lilith's intentions define the course of events; she eventually attains her goal but at the end of the story Adam still does not choose her as his partner. In this piece, Adam is not choosing between life and death but rather between two women who have different outlooks on life. His choice determines the fate of the generations to come. The conclusion promises a new beginning for all characters - hence the Reloaded in the title - in a new Paradise, but this will no longer be the same as the one they left.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • Lucifer, 3 Angels, Lilith
  • In the Paradise / The Fall
  • Eve and Adam as Migrants
  • Adam as a General, Demonstration
  • Ballad, a Bombed Out City
  • Future
Disc 2:
  • Adam Wants to Leave the Earth
  • Lilith, Lucifer
  • Desert
  • Thirst, Lilith's Recitative Aria
  • Quartet
  • Lilith's Monologue

Additional Details

Label: BMC Records

Genre: Opera

Language: English

Run Time: 94 mins

Release Date: 09/09/16

UPC: 5998309302268

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