Phallacies (DVD)

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An unfettered study of the penis's place in history, art, religion, and contemporary life.

The penis. Does size really matter? Is the male organ simply a tool for sex, or is it a phallic symbol worthy of deification? To what extent is men's preoccupation with their penises responsible for the aggressive, militaristic, and violent nature of our society? These are some of the questions that this ground-breaking, but non-titillating, film covers.
Anthropologists and historians find the phallus at the center of many ancient traditions and cultures. Greeks and Romans once adorned their pottery and other household items with images of the penis, regarding it as a potent symbol of fertility and longevity. In India today, we visit an old Hindu temple whose walls are sculpted in explicit scenes of erotic arts.
In most eastern cultures the penis retains its symbolic representation of love and procreation, while in the west the organ has attained a very different status. Through interviews with experts and movie excerpts we see how machismo and the penis are intimately connected in our culture. Frank discussions with a number of men, and their mates, about sexual performance and therapies include participants in clinical trials of drugs such as a resurrected heart drug, Viagra, which has become the fastest-selling, most successful drug ever created.
Myths and misconceptions are often born from the concealment of facts. This program brings the penis front and center for an unfettered study of the male organ's place in history, art, religion, and contemporary life.
Note: Not surprisingly, full frontal male nudity is shown in this program. Repeat: This film is not in any way titillating...though it's often amusing!


Cast & Crew

  •       David Suzuki

Director: Vishnu Mathur

Producer: Vishnu Mathur

Additional Details

Label: Bullfrog Films

Genre: Documentary

Run Time: 45 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 02/21/12

UPC: 761326388929

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