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Pharaoh - After The Fire (CD)


Pharaoh - After The Fire (CD)

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Release Date: 03/31/09

US Power metal at its best, melodic and fascinating guitar work with Tim Aymar of Control Denied fame on vocals.

Formed near Philadelphia in November 1997, PHARAOH committed its ideas to tape in numerous demo sessions throughout 1998 while searching for an appropriate vocalist. After some auditioners had come and gone, Tim Aymar (known for his work with Psycho Scream and Control Denied) expressed interest in PHARAOH's material and agreed to a one-off session. A deal was then signed in late 2002 with Italian label CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC. 'After The Fire' is the first release ever both for the now much-respected Italian label as well as for PHARAOH, who has become in a relatively short time one of the most valued American metal acts. 'Snap, crackle, and crunch! This is the sound of Pharaoh's metallic romp, After the Fire. All I can say is, holy s***! This is an impressive slab of aggressive power metal...or classic metal...or whatever this stuff is called nowadays.' (Live4metal)

Genre: Metal
Run Time: 41:31 mins

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