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Plante - Harvest (VINYL ALBUM)


Plante - Harvest (VINYL ALBUM)

$ 22.59 $ 22.99

Release Date: 03/06/12

Robust vibrations from robust guitars.

The smooth, deep groans of lunar gravity. Salt-soaked ropes swing against hollow masts. An orange helium balloon floats above the city's amber glow. Patrick is only mildy drunk, and enjoying a cigarette when she walks past. He stops her to share his joy that this purring orb is actually the harvest moon. Kansas City's Andrew Plante presents four tracks of focused guitar work on this 45rpm, 12' vinyl release. The mysterious songs mine deeper into the caves he first explored on his Sonic Meditations cassette releases. Limited to 250 copies on glass colored vinyl.

Genre: Progressive Rock
Run Time: 23:23 mins

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