Plastic Noise Experience - Reiz Und Reaktion: Limited (CD)


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7th album from the German legend of Electronic Body Music.

7th album from a German legend of Electronic Body Music A limited edition of 500 copies ONLY in a deluxe carton box packaging including a bonus 15-track CD with an exclusive EP + the album of Claus Kruse's special SONIC UNIT project. The release also features remixes by SUICIDE COMMANDO, LEAETHER STRIP, TECHNOIR, SERPENTS, FUAR PNE recently appeared on numerous compilations including Endzeit Bunkertracks 4, Reconnected 3, Advanced Electronics 7, etc. PNE recently remixed bands like Suicide Commando, :Wumpscut:, Blutengel, Implant, etc.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • Zu Nah
  • Nach Unten
  • Immer Mehr
  • Viel Zu Viel
  • Ich Bin Nicht Du
  • Visionen
  • Wer Bist Du'
  • Vacuum
  • Schlaflos
  • Besessen
  • Zu Nah - LEAETHER STRIP Remix
  • Immer Mehr - TECHNOIR Remix
  • Viel Zu Viel - SERPENTS Remix
  • Nach Unten - FUAR Remix
Disc 2:
  • Anything Wrong'
  • Frustrated
  • So SchöN
  • Dreaming Of You
  • I Feel Love
  • Appearing The Orbit
  • Floor Symphony
  • Liquid Stone
  • Native Dreams
  • Level Overload
  • Miracle Of You
  • Under Water
  • Red Sun
  • Technology Progress
  • Asteroid

Additional Details

Label: Alfa Matrix

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

Run Time: 100 mins

Release Date: 07/14/09

UPC: 882951707128

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