Playgirls Of Munich (DVD)

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The Sexiest of the German Sex Comedies.

Chuck and Barney, two loveable but lazy telephone repairmen, are sent off to the airport to repair an in-plane phone. Barney tries his best not to give in to wanderlust, but finally succumbing to the urge to travel, he pushes Chuck into the luggage compartment and the two stow away on a private jet only to parachute into Munich, Germany. With fourteen dollars to their name and a craving for hot and cold running fraüleins, they set out in search of jobs. They first find work in a beer hall where Chuck gets to serve his throbbing bratwurst to a hungry blonde, the sound of tubas and accordions drowning out their moans and groans. From there the duo become security guards to 'Miss Bavaria,' followed by a stint in a sex club where they run afoul of the local mafia kingpin. Ending up in a college sorority house that turns out to be a high-class brothel, Chuck and Barney have no trouble cramming their American pork into some steaming hot German 'dishes.' Further screw-ups send them running to the Bavarian Alps where they crash a party at a beautiful chalet and 'make the scene' and get it on - and on, and on! - with an assortment of beautiful women before running into the mafia bad boys again.

Porn legend Zebedy Colt was no stranger to the special alchemy of hardcore and humor. A child prodigy, Colt claimed to have begun his career acting in screen comedies with the likes of Charlie Chaplin and The Marx Brothers. It was during the early 1970's, however, that Colt first drifted into the demimonde of New York hardcore with such films as Sherlick Holmes, The Farmer's Daughters, Unwilling Lovers, The Devil Inside Her and Virgin Dreams. Although best known as an actor for his comic roles, Colt's directorial efforts dig more deeply into the serious domain of taboo sex that raised more than a few eyebrows during its time.


Cast & Crew

  •       Roger Caine
  •       Zebedy Colt
  •       Gretchen Kolber
  •       Karen Hapsburg
  •       Sylvia Reynard

Director: Zebedy Colt

Additional Details

Label: Pop Cinema

Genre: Erotic

Run Time: 240 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/24/12

UPC: 612385425691

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