Poker In Bed (La Signora Gioca Bene A Scopa?) (DVD)

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Release Date: 08/11/09

EDWIGE FENECH stars in the sexiest, sassiest and silliest film of her career!

Carlo Giuffrè plays Michele, a down on his luck gambler who sells shoes for a living. His friend and adviser Peppino (Enzo Cannavale) informs Michele his debts are greater than his earnings. Luckily Carlo's hands are a wonder to women, especially rich admirers Giulia and Monica, who invite him to stay at their mansion and pick up some extra money doing chores. Giulia wants to paint him in the nude while Monica just want so roll around in the hay...and the pigsty...and the chicken coop...and anywhere and everywhere else you can imagine!

Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 91 mins

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