QAANAAQ - Escape From The Black Iced Forest (CD)

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'Escape From The Black Iced Forest' - debut full-length album by Italian Avantgarde/Progressive Doom Metal band QAANAAQ.

Debut full-length album by Italian Avantgarde/Progressive Doom Metal band.
Band's unique compositions take the freedom of Progressive music and apply it to a dark, obscure sound, with relentless growl vocals over a layer of twisted keyboard melodies, precise guitar riffing, powerful bass lines and funereal drums.
A lead role played by the keyboards, a warm sounding guitar and bass, varied and dynamic drums and a growl voice in contrast with the tuneful music.
Qaanaaq chose not to have solos in its songs, there's more desire to play and experiment with the structure of the songs instead. That's why this project is so different and unique compared to other Metal bands with the same style. This music is as the perfect soundtrack for a horror movie.
For fans of: Opeth, My Dying Bride, early Tiamat, early Paradise Lost, early Moonspell, Misanthrope, Ophthalamia, and early Anathema.

Track Listing

    • Body Walks
    • Eskimo's Wine Is A Dish Best Served Frozen
    • Untimely At Funerals
    • High Hopes
    • Red Said It Was Green

    Additional Details

    Label: Another Side Records

    Genre: Metal

    Language: English

    Run Time: 45:55 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 12/09/16

    UPC: 4821993191317

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