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Rebel Queens Of History (DVD)


Rebel Queens Of History (DVD)

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Release Date: 07/24/12

Marie Antoinette and Boudicca, 2 very different rebel queens, who defied their oppressors, be they occupying Roman forces or a hostile royal court. Marie Antoinette: The young and beautiful Austrian princess who way strategically married into the most prestigious monarchy in Europe, was to become the symbol for the wanton extravagance of the 18th century aristocracy and would be the last Queen of France. This is the story of the woman who became one of the most romanticized and tragic figures in history. Boudicca: The queen of an obscure Celtic tribe rose up against the might of the Roman army and levied the greatest force ever put together in Britain...a force that dwarfed anything the British were able to muster until the Great War. How was she able to achieve such a feat' What forces were assisting her' These questions and more are investigated here in this insightful program.

Genre: Documentary
Run Time: 145 mins

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