RESIDENTS - Deluxe Classic Eyeball Latex Mask (US ONLY - INTN'L orders contact SikRik)

Color: Blue
$ 199.95



INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - If you are ordering from outside the US and want to be placed on the waiting list please contact - rick(at)sikrikmasks(dot)com.

NOW YOU CAN BE A RESIDENT with the brand new deluxe Residents mask from SikRik!

SikRik Masks are high end, hand crafted masks created by using Monster Maker's latex, a high quality latex commonly used by mask makers who create products for the collector community. Each piece has an adjustable headband inside to create a comfortable wearable design. SikRik pours each mold with a long dwell time to build up a thickness for durability and longevity. He then carefully hand paints each piece.


  1. The key to a long life for your masks is to stuff them with plastic bags to keep its form and store or display it on a stand.
  2. DO NOT store it on a styrofoam head. The styrofoam will petrify and crack the latex over time.
  3. Keep your mask away from direct UV light. Don't display it in a window where the sun is beating on it all day.


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