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We rescued this obscure 1970s fairy tale spoof from extinction. Now we're questioning why' Rindereller wants to go to the ball but has to get the 'Fairy Godmother Father' to help her out. Fairy Godmother Father wears a pink nightgown and has sex with our little heroine. He transforms her beat up Volkswagen Bug into a spiffier ride. The ball consists of a few hippies in an apartment slow dancing to bad music. She meets a swishy prince type dude who goes looking for the woman who left her bra at the ball. Everyone in this groovy film talks hippie-speak. This is truly bizarre stuff! There's really no way to describe just how bad this movie truly is - it stinks to high heaven. It does feature bucketloads of pre-implant nudity and lots of simulated sex. It's apparent from watching this gem that shaving was not as big in the 70s as it is today. Someone needs to buy Rindereller a razor. We are pretty certain none of the actors won awards for their performances. The only thing more curious than how this film got made to begin with is why we decided to resurrect this sucker for a DVD release. You have been warned! The audio on the original materials used to transfer this film were in less than perfect condition. We have enhanced and used digital technology to restore the audio as much as possible. We offer this film based on the rarity and uniqueness of the item and hope that you enjoy the movie.


Cast & Crew

Director: CHARMING

Director: PRINCE

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Erotic

Run Time: 47 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 10/16/07

UPC: 019485527698

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