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Saltillo - Ganglion (CD)


Saltillo - Ganglion (CD)

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Release Date: 10/11/11

Re-release of Saltillo's epic Ganglion, remastered and one bonus track.

Menton J. Matthews III is one of those artists who should have lived in the sixteenth century, along with Shakespeare and da Vinci. His project Saltillo grew out of the ashes of Sunday Munich but perfects a style of electronic and violin-laden trip-hop that is original, seductive, and bold. The first album Ganglion was released in 2005 and now sees a re-issue through Artoffact Records featuring a bonus track and remastered. Recommended if you like: Portishead, DJ Shadow, Massive Attack.

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch
Run Time: 56:10 mins

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