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Saltillo - Monocyte: The Lapis Coil (VINYL ALBUM)


Saltillo - Monocyte: The Lapis Coil (VINYL ALBUM)

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Release Date: 06/05/12

The vinyl version of the Monocyte soundtrack from Saltillo, featuring exclusive tracks and new remixes.

After the very successful Monocyte comic and accompanying CD soundtrack, menton3 AKA Saltillo delivers a superb vinyl edition, Monocyte: The Lapis Coil. The vinyl is a new take on the Monocyte story, twisting the original versions with remixes, remastering, and a stunning new track, Necromancy. The collection is presented with stunning artwork by menton3, a self-portrait that looks deeply into the dark soul of one of America's finest contemporary artists. Released on Artoffact Records. Limited edition of 492 copies.

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch
Run Time: 30:00 mins

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