Schwarzblut - Maschinenwesen (Limited) (CD)


$ 35.96 $ 35.99


Release Date: 07/10/12

Limited version of Schwarzblut's second album!

To visualize the concept of 'Maschinenwesen' SCHWARZBLUT teamed up with Steampunk designer Rosanna Hoogendoorn, known for her shows at the Summer Darkness festival and Cyberia parties. Throughout the 16-page artwork of 'Maschinenwesen' you can feast your eyes on the work of Miss Hoogendoorn and photographer Frank Wiersema. This version of 'Maschinenwesen' is also available as a 2cd limited edition box set, containing a bonus cd, poster and photo cards. The bonus disk 'Sondermaschinen' features 10 remixes by acts in the likes of Die Sektor, Psy'Aviah, amGod, Neikka RPM, Misery, etc.

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch
Run Time: 140 mins

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