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Scum Of The Earth - Sleaze Freak (CD)


Scum Of The Earth - Sleaze Freak (CD)

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Release Date: 10/23/07

Featuring Riggs (ROB ZOMBIE) & Adrian Ost (POWERMAN 5000).

SCUM OF THE EARTH is fronted by former ROB ZOMBIE guitarist Mike Riggs, which comes as no surprise after about 30 seconds of the opening track, the choppy and addictively catchy mechanical aggro 'Bombshell From Hell'. Most songs on Sleaze Freak sound like they could have come from the writing and recording sessions for either of the two albums Riggs performed on while in Rob's employ (The Sinister Urge & Hellbilly Deluxe). Sleaze Freak is shock-rock that's heavy on sampling, horror movie sound clips, and the kind of guitar-riffery Riggs was known for so well while helping make ROB ZOMBIE a multi-platinum selling act.

Genre: Pop/Rock

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