Sex And The Usa (DVD)

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In the vein of groundbreaking films like Shortbus, Irreversible and 9 Songs, comes Sex Stories, a humanistic and lighthearted exploration of the many pleasures, quirks, and follies that inhabit peoples' sex lives. Two simultaneous dinner parties unfold - one for a group of female friends, the other for their male counterparts. At each dinner table, the conversations quickly delve into the characters' recent sexual escapades: there's the adventurous couple who tries 'swinging,' the middle-aged woman who notices a spark of interest from her daughter's boyfriend, and the young newlywed who thinks sex simply isn't for her. With comic subtlety, the film captures the many contrasting views -- men's and women's, young and old, conservative and liberal -- about what it means to be a good lover. Director Ovidie is known as an intello du X (intellectual of the X) in her home country of France, and for good reason. Each character in Sex Stories - and each member of the audience for that matter - is guaranteed to learn something new. Just be warned: you may be craving a cigarette by the time the credits roll.

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Label: Breaking Glass Pictures

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 88 mins

Release Date: 07/27/10

UPC: 853937002292

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