Shai Hulud - A Profound Hatred of Man (CD)


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Never did guitarist Matt Fox think SHAI HULUD would go any further than a demo tape or 7”. How wrong he was. SHAI HULUD's history includes numerous national and foreign tours with all of the biggest acts in hardcore, a strong force that made it through multiple lineup changes, and lyrics that have helped plenty of fans battle the hardships of life. But you can't forget where it all began: A Profound Hatred Of Man demonstrated a technical hardcore style that influenced the entire metalcore scene and broke through lyrical theme barriers. There is no better place to start for a SHAI HULUD first-timer than with A Profound Hatred Of Man. For those coming back around for the second time, it's a whole new world of sound and image but still holds true the SHAI HULUD message.

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Genre: Metal

Run Time: 40 mins

Release Date: 01/02/06

UPC: 098796013724

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