Sheep On Drugs - Best Of Bad Bunch (CD)

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'The first ever ' best of' SHEEP ON DRUGS collection. 'Best of a Bad Bunch' gleans the best of their releases from early live recordings to 2005's 'F**K', and includes compilation tracks, unreleased material, and video. Packaged in an embossed digipak.' 'No Place in a civilized society.' (New Musical Express) 'Look, Sheep on Drugs Crave reaction the way junkie craves the next fix yet knows it's potentially lethal, the way an S & M freak begs forgiveness all the while praying for punishment.' (Melody Maker) 'Sheep on Drugs... On stage and on record are both ingenious and disturbing.' (Detour)

Additional Details

Label: Invisible Records

Genre: Alternative/Punk

Release Date: 01/01/01

UPC: 637642112527

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