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'Propeller is spine-tingling pop of the first rank' wrote Stereo Review in one of many rave reviews of this 1994 release

'Propeller is spine-tingling pop of the first rank' wrote Stereo Review in just one of many incredibly great reviews of this 1994 release. Guest drummers include Ric Menck (Matthew Sweet, Velvet Crush) and Mike Zelenko (Material Issue) help to propel the songs here with a renewed vigor and sense of purpose. This 1994 studio release encompasses some of the best songwriting of Shoes' careers. From the rich, mournful ballad of 'The Last Of You' to the rockin' edge of 'Tore A Hole' to the Beatlesque psychedelia of 'Treading Water' this is pure pop bliss.

Track Listing

    • Animal Attraction
    • Treading Water
    • Don't Do This To Me
    • The Last Of You
    • Slipping Through Your Fingers
    • Tore A Hole
    • Bittersweet
    • If All I Had Was You
    • In My Mind
    • Silence Is Deadly
    • A Thing Of The Past
    • Never Ending

    Additional Details

    Label: Black Vinyl Records

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Run Time: 45:30 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 05/07/13

    UPC: 048621029420

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