Siva Six - The Twin Moons (CD)


$ 16.99


Comeback album from this apocalyptic Greek duo.

- 3rd long awaited new studio album by Greece's most famous dark elektro duo - features real orchestra recordings by Chris Antoniou (CHAOSTAR, SEPTIC FLESH...) - visuals signed by famous designer Jerome Cross (ARCTURUS, MAYHEM, ROTTING CHRIST, etc.). - features club club hit 'Valley of the Shadows' - includes cover of Vangelis Papathanasiou's epic 'Blade Runner'

Track Listing

    • Faileth Stars
    • The Twin Moons
    • Intha Ren
    • Valley Of The Shadows
    • Love Is The Low
    • Serpent Whore
    • Hell Is Where The Heart Is
    • Necropolis
    • Angels Of The Nine
    • Two Against The World
    • Blade Runner (Stardust)

    Additional Details

    Label: Alfa Matrix

    Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

    Run Time: 70 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 08/09/11

    UPC: 882951016329

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