Slim Harpo - Buzzin' The Blues-the Complete Slim Harpo Box (CD)

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Blues Music Awards 2016' for 'Historical Album of the Year - Bear Family Records'

Bear Family's luxurious CD boxed set, Slim Harpo 'Buzzin' The Blues - The Complete Slim Harpo', was honored with the 'Blues Music Award 2016' as 'Best Historical Album of the Year'. The award ceremony was part of the Blues Foundation's gala evening in the Cook Convention Center in Memphis, Tennessee on the evening of May 5th. The award was presented to Detlev Hoegen, Bear Family Record's managing director, by Thomas Ruf (Ruf Records, Germany) and Andrew Galloway (Electro-Fi Records, Canada). Bear Family would like to express deepest thanks to Martin Hawkins, William Gambler and Johnny Pallazotto.

The complete works of one of the masters of Louisiana 'swamp blues' and 'swamp pop. '
Five CDs containing 142 tracks and a 104 page book with many rare photographs and illustrations.
CDs 1 and 2 hold all Slim Harpo's Excello label 45s and original album tracks.
CDs 3 and 4 have all the recordings unissued in Harpo's lifetime and all the alternative takes of issued songs.
CD 5 features a live recording made in 1961, one of the very earliest to capture an original and important blues artist in their prime.
There are four previously unissued live songs and one previously unknown song.

Slim Harpo made his impressive entrance into the world of blues recordings in 1957. Here was a man with an unforgettable name, a strong song - I'm A King Bee - and a finely-crafted minimalist style, at once familiar and novel. In 1961 Slim Harpo made a crossover entry into the American Rhythm 'n' Blues and Popular Music charts when Rainin' In My Heart became one of those barely-categorisable hits that just couldn't be ignored. Then came Baby, Scratch My Back, a soulful rhythmic number that led to tours with the rock elite.
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Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • This Must Be The Place
  • I'm A King Bee
  • I Got Love If You Want It
  • Wondering And Worryin'
  • Strange Love
  • You'll Be Sorry One Day
  • One More Day
  • Buzz Me Babe
  • Late Last Night
  • What A Dream
  • Blues Hangover
  • Don't Cryin' Now
  • Rainin' In My Heart
  • Snoopin' Around (instrumental)
  • Bobby Sox Baby
  • Dream Girl
  • My Home Is A Prison
  • Moody Blues (instrumental)
  • I Love The Life I'm Living
  • Buzzin' (instrumental)
  • My Little Queen Bee (Got A Brand New King)
  • I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis)
  • We're Two Of A Kind
  • Still Rainin' In My Heart
  • What's Goin 'On Baby
  • Sittin' Here Wondering
  • Harpo's Blues
  • Please Don't Turn Me Down
  • Baby Scratch My Back
  • I'm Gonna Miss You (Like The Devil)
  • Shake Your Hips
  • Midnight Blues
  • I'm Your Breadmaker, Baby
  • Loving You (The Way I Do)
Disc 2:
  • Tip On In (Part 1)
  • Tip On In (Part 2)
  • I'm Gonna Keep What I've Got
  • I've Got To Be With You Tonight
  • Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu
  • Mailbox Blues
  • Mohair Sam
  • I Just Can't Leave You
  • That's Why I Love You
  • Just For You
  • Folsom Prison Blues
  • Mutual Friend
  • I've Got My Finger On Your Trigger
  • The Price Is Too High
  • My Baby She's Got It
  • I'm So Sorry
  • I've Been A Good Thing For You
  • Hey Little Lee
  • Jody Man
  • Rainin' In My Heart (overdubbed)
  • Stick Your Chest Out Baby
  • The Music's Hot
  • You Can't Make It
  • The Hippy Song
  • Dynamite
  • Boogie Chillun
  • Rock Me Baby
  • Baby Please Come Home
Disc 3:
  • One Of These Days
  • That Ain't Your Business
  • I'm A King Bee (alt)
  • This Ain't No Place For Me
  • I Got Love If You Want It (alt)
  • Things Gonna Change
  • Wondering And Worryin' (alt -1)
  • Strange Love (alt -1)
  • Wondering And Worryin' (alt -2)
  • One More Day (alt -1)
  • Late Last Night (alt -1)
  • Cigarettes
  • One More Day (alt -2)
  • Bobby Sox Baby (alt)
  • Buzz Me Babe (alt)
  • Late Last Night (alt -2)
  • Talking Blues (aka Blues Hangover)
  • What's Goin'On
  • You Ain't Never Had to Cry (aka Don't Cryin' Now)
  • That's Alright (You'll Be Sorry One Day)
  • That's Alright (alt)
  • Yeah Yeah Baby
  • Dream Girl (alt)
  • Don't Cryin' Now (alt)
  • Blues Hangover (alt)
Disc 4:
  • Moody Blues (instrumental) (alt)
  • Rainin' In My Heart (alt -1)
  • Rainin' In My Heart (alt -2)
  • Wild About My Baby
  • That's Alright Baby (Don't Cryin Now)
  • Lover's Confession
  • Something Inside Me
  • A Man Is Crying
  • Tonite I'm Lonely
  • I Love The Life I'm Living (alt -1)
  • Buzzin' (instrumental) (alt)
  • I Love The Life I’m Living (alt -2)
  • My Little Queen Bee (alt)
  • Little Sally Walker
  • Blueberry Hill
  • I'm Waiting On You Baby -1
  • We're Two Of A Kind (alt)
  • I'm Waiting On You Baby -2
  • You'll Never Find A Love (As True As Mine)
  • I Don’t Want No One (To Take You Away From Me) -1
  • Baby Scratch My Back (The Scratch) (alt)
  • I Don't Want No One (To Take You Away From Me) -2
  • Baby You Got What I Want
  • Your Love For Me Is Gone
  • I Gotta Stop Loving You
  • Stop Working Blues
  • There's Nothing As Sweet As Making Up
Disc 5:
  • Star Time - Theme and Introduction
  • Hold Me Tenderly
  • Little Liza Jane -1
  • I’m A King Bee -1
  • Buzzin'
  • I Got Love If You Want It -1
  • You Know I Love You
  • Lottie Mo
  • Everybody Needs Somebody
  • Big Boss Man
  • I'll Take Care Of You
  • Sugar Coated Love
  • Last Night
  • K Vocalist)
  • Theme and Introduction (second set)
  • I'm A King Bee -2
  • I Don't Play
  • I Got Love If You Want It -2
  • Little Liza Jane -2
  • When The Saints Go Marchin' In

Additional Details

Label: Bear Family Records

Genre: Blues

Run Time: 410 mins

Release Date: 03/27/15

UPC: 5397102173394

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