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Slumber Party '57 (DVD)


Slumber Party '57 (DVD)

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Release Date: 10/27/09

Bobby Socks, Hickeys, Ponytails, Necking and all the rest of the 'innocent' '50s!

DEBRA WINGER stars in the sexiest film ever made for adults about teenagers. It's Friday night, their boyfriends are out of town, and after a drive-in cruise and a private moonlight swim, six young lovelies decide to let it all hang out. Each will provide the others with a frank account of how she lost her virginity. In flashback, six bawdy tales spin out, involving a gang of the most unlikely partners a young innocent could hope to encounter, including a moonshiner and a movie star. It's clear these lusty ladies like what they've learned and would love some more practice - and the stage is set for an hilarious interruption by an unsuspecting cat-burglar. Great tunes from the glory days of rock and roll, including hits from The Platters, The Big Bopper, Paul and Paula, Bruce Channel, and Jerry Lee Lewis keep SLUMBER PARTY '57 swinging through these girls naughtiest night.

Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 89 mins

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