Slutty Stewardesses Grindhouse Double Feature (DVD)

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A Double Dose of Dirty Fun Featuring a Lost Sexploitation Classic by Doris Wishman!

In-Flight Service (1975) When he wasn't working as Doris Wishman's go-to cameraman, Charles Lamont - better known to sexploitation fans as the great C. DAVIS SMITH - was busy directing dirty little groin-grinders like this one. In-Flight Service is the story of a slutty airline hostess, her sleazier roommate, and the wild party they throw one Halloween. Lustful lunacy produced by the one and only Leonard Kirtman, the Roger Corman of hardcore porn.

Come with Me My Love (1976) Doris Wishman was the Queen of Sexploitation, but many don't know she was also the grande dame of XXX sleaze. Come with Me My Love is Wishman's mind-melting horror-porn hybrid, crammed full of horny ghosts, sexy shenanigans and enough crazy Wishman magic to make you wonder why you wasted money on film school. Abby is a swinging chick with a very unusual problem: every time she brings home a lover, a ghost pops out of the wallpaper and kills him! That doesn't stop her from taking part in plenty of hot action, however, especially with her sexy neighbor, Tess (played by the legendary ANNIE SPRINKLE). What strange fate awaits poor Abby?


Cast & Crew

  •       Annie Sprinkle
  •       Ursula Austin
  •       Harry Reems
  •       Levi Richards
  •       Roger Caine
  •       Vanessa Del Rio

Director: Charles Lamont

Director: Doris Wishman

Additional Details

Label: After Hours Cinema

Genre: Erotic

Run Time: 140 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/24/12

UPC: 612385426797

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