Snafu - All Funked Up (CD)

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First ever CD release of the band's third and final album from 1975!

The first ever release on CD of the bands third and final album All Funked Up from 1975. MICKY MOODY of course went on to join WHITESNAKE and BOBBY HARRISON then released his first solo album Funkist. This recording is from 1975 and Pete Solley had just left to join PROCOL HARUM (Harrisons old group!) and fresh to the band is one BRIAN CHATTON who had just left JOHN MILES band. It was not to be and even though this is the most popular of the bands three albums (highly sought after on vinyl) there was a general feeling of disillusionment within the band by 1976 and sadly Snafu were no more. Enjoy then their musical legacy on this the third and final album.

Track Listing

    • Don't Keep Me Wondering
    • Bloodhound
    • Lock and Key
    • Hard to Handle
    • Every Little Bit Hurts
    • Turn Around
    • Deep Water
    • Keep on Running
    • Bar Room Tan
    • Dancing Feet

    Additional Details

    Label: Angel Air

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Run Time: 45 mins

    Release Date: 02/10/09

    UPC: 5055011700321

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