Songs From The Page Of Swords: Song Cyles Of Daniel Asia (CD)

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Release Date: 07/01/12

Offering a brief glance into his compositional diversity, it fills the ears with fluid vocal lines, pointillism, and extended tonality. His music reaches beyond the banal and into the inventive realm of the unpredictable. Infusing the traditional elements of classical composition with subtle influences from American popular music and jazz, Asia's early musical expressionism unveils the interaction between the interior world of humans and the physical exterior they live in.

The recording rests upon on the spectacular performance of New York City based chamber ensemble Musical Elements. Included are the 'Sacred Songs,' a work that incorporates sparse, playful exchanges between the soloist and instrumentalists, conveying a sense of tranquil beauty and wonderment. The heavier compositional style, which Asia used in the early 1980's, is represented in the darker 'Songs from the Page of Swords'. 'Pines Songs,' based on Paul Pines' poetry, is an exploration of post-serial impressionism, defined by angular rhythmical influences and graceful cadenzas. Top-notch performances by soprano Carmen Pelton, bass-baritone John Shirley-Quirk, and oboist Sara Watkins make for an excellent recording.

1.Sacred Songs
2. Oseh Shalom Shiru Ladonai
3. Songs From The Page of Swords
4. Glyph/The Messenger My Egyptian Sister
5. Mein Bruder
6. Reincarnation New Years, 1979 Glyph/The Message
7. Pines Songs
8. White Pillars I'll Never Understand Fantasy #1 A Little Girl Dear Frank Fantasy #2 I Walk Out

Label: Summit Records
Genre: Classical
Run Time: 40 mins

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