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Spartacus (DVD)


Spartacus (DVD)

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Release Date: 12/15/09

Once a slave ... now one of the most influential heroes of all time!

Founded upon the famous revolt of the gladiators, the romance of ancient Rome, is a true story of Pagan Rome. Spartacus, the strongest of the Thracian Chieftains, his sister Idamis and her betrothed Artemon are captured by Crassus. Spartacus and Artemon are forced to be gladiators. Idamis is forced to be Crassus' daughter, Narona's slave. This blockbuster film was produced in Italy in 1913 and was purchased for U.S. distribution by the very enterprising George Kleine. Kleine made a fortune in the early days of cinema by shrewdly purchasing the rights to other spectacular movies, including 'The Last Days Of Pompeii,' 'Julius Caeser,' 'The Lion Of Venice,' 'Othello,' 'Antony And Cleopatra,' 'Vanity Fair' and 'Quo Vadis'' He knew that audiences wanted to be wowed and his films never failed to deliver.

Genre: Action/Adventure
Run Time: 72 mins

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