Spirits of Rhythm - The Jazzmen Whose Object Was Fun: 1933-1934 (CD)

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Happy Music Played by Fine Musicians

The Spirits of Rhythm were aptly named. High-spirited and volatile they were full of joy, drive and pep; a fun group in the days when jazz could be good-time and thought worthwhile. And they were more than that, being (as the first groovy tracks confirm) creative and fairly adventurous. Peter Tanner wrote up an interview with Bunn in the Melody Maker of 29th December 1973 in which the guitarist spoke-of his appreciation of some of the then-modern rock groups. It's just rhythm-and-blues as we used to call it. It ain't changed that much, not to me anyway. If the Spirits of Rhythm was playing today that's what we'd be doing. We was ahead of our time and didn't know it.

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Label: JSP Records

Genre: Jazz

Release Date: 09/30/16

UPC: 788065670627

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