St. Petersburg Ska-jazz Review - Too Good To Be True (CD)

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Russian, big band jazz/ska with female vocals!

This 10 piece ska band blows the red off the iron curtain! With an English female vocalist, Too Good To Be True brings back the days of the large jazz orchestra playing, swinging, moving and dancing jazz sounds fused with the early Jamaican ska rhythms. Super tight musicianship with sharp dressed outfits and heavy sexy original sounding female vocals, what's not to like'

Bonus Materials

  • Contains two tracks not on the original Russian release!


Cast & Crew

Producer: Andrew Aliakrinskii / Boris Istomin

Producers: Andrew Aliakrinskii / Boris Istomin

Track Listing

    • Skatana
    • Mr. Big Stuff
    • Skokiaan
    • Policy Of Truth
    • Too Good To Be True
    • Last Warning
    • Under The Big Top
    • Old Devil Moon
    • Baby I'm Glad You're Mine
    • My Little Cloud
    • 4.70
    • Only Today
    • Babysitter Stomp
    • Wounded Lion
    • Juzzt Waltz

    Additional Details

    Label: Megalith Records

    Genre: Reggae

    Run Time: 50 mins

    Release Date: 03/10/09

    UPC: 616892698029

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