Stone Axe - Stone Axe (deluxe Edition) (CD)


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Stone Axe encompass the tones, moods and attitudes, essentially preserving the sound of a by-gone era that brought some of the best heavy rock to the music world, yet still fusing modern elements to make the sound relevant for the future.

1. Riders Of The Night
2. My Darkest Days
3. Black Widow
4. Sky Is Falling
5. There'd Be Days
6. The Skylah Rae
7. Rhinoceros
8. Diamonds & Fools
9. Return Of The Worm
10. Taking Me Home
11. Riders Of The Night (Live Bonus)
12. King Of Everything (Live Bonus)
13. Ain't Gonna Miss It (Live Bonus)
14. There'd Be Days (Live Bonus)
15. Taking Me Home (Live Bonus)
16. Skylah Rae (Live Bonus)
17. Sky Is Falling (Live Bonus)
18. Diamonds & Fools (Live Bonus)

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Genre: Pop/Rock

Run Time: 147 mins

Release Date: 02/17/14


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