Stray - Letting Go (CD)

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Stray's second album is a masterpiece of darkness!

Either as UNTER NULL or STRAY, American artist Erica Dunham always stays faithful to the 'quality over quantity' motto. 'Letting Go' is darker in content, confirming to us that STRAY was neither meant to be a 'light' project, nor was it meant to be 'happy' because Erica's main band UNTER NULL is actually quite angry and pissed off. STRAY kind of reflects the feelings of despair and sadness when that anger wears off. This album is actually a great departure from any of her previous works, it's a lot more polished and full of layered and lush-sounding tracks.

Track Listing

    • Surround Me to Passage D
    • Remember Me
    • Let Me Go
    • The Failure Epiphany
    • Out of Place
    • No Vacancy
    • Low And Lower
    • 31 and Falling
    • All I Wanted
    • Obsolete
    • Miles From Here

    Additional Details

    Label: Alfa Matrix

    Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

    Run Time: 70 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 07/10/12

    UPC: 882951013922

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