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The history of SUMMER WINE starts in the early 60's with TONY RIVERS and The CASTAWAYS then through the second half of that decade with HARMONY GRASS. In 1970 TONY RIVERS and Castaway member JOHN PERRY were working regulary providing harmonies on numerous artists recording sessions. During the course of this work they met up with RAY FENWICK (fresh from TEE SET and SPENCER DAVIS GROUP) and producer extrodanaire MIKE HURST to record a version of 'Why Do Fools Fall In Love' which was released under the name SUMMER WINE. The single did nothing in the UK but made the USA Top 100. Between summer 1971 and summer 1972 the band continued to record even though it was never their intention to perform the songs live. Whilst two other singles were released and as was the case in those days, no hit single-no album these tracks have never before been released in the UK as Summer Wine until now. Lay Back and enjoy some of the best UK harmonies ever committed to record from the early 70's. MUsicians: TONY RIVERS, JOHN PERRY, MIKE HURST and RAY FENWICK.

Track Listing

    • Wasn'T It Nice In New York City'
    • She'S Still A Mystery
    • Why Do Fools Fall In Love'
    • One Fine Day
    • Nancy Sing Me A Song
    • Take A Load Off Your Feet
    • Living Right Next Door To An Angel
    • Sound Of Summer'S Over
    • Crying Eyes
    • Shenandoah
    • Do You Wann'A Dance'
    • Sherry
    • You Got What It Takes
    • Well All Right
    • Painted Ladies
    • Ode To A Steel Guitar
    • Why Do Fool'S Fall In Love' (Studio Outake)
    • She'S Still A Mystery To Me (Studio Outake)
    • Take A Load Off YourFeet (Studio Outake)
    • Shenandoah (Studio Outake)
    • One Fine Day (Studio Outake)
    • Do You Wann'A Dance' (Studio Outake)

    Additional Details

    Label: Angel Air

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Release Date: 01/12/09

    UPC: 5055011701267

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