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Sylvain Sylvain - (Sleep) Baby Doll (CD)


Sylvain Sylvain - (Sleep) Baby Doll (CD)

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Release Date: 07/13/10

Reissue of New York Doll Sylvain Sylvain's 1998 solo record featuring members of Blondie, Generation X and more.

GB Music is thrilled to announce the re-issue of New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain Sylvain's 1998 release (Sleep) Baby Doll. Sylvain, along with frontman David Johansen & the late great Johnny Thunders, founded the Dolls in the early 70s and never looked back. Armed with an array of amazing songs and an attitude that defined rock and roll, Sylvain has never slowed down. On (Sleep) Baby Doll the foucus is on Slvain's amazing songwriting and performances full of genuine swagger. Featuring special guest appearances by members of Low Pop Suicide, The Misfits, Blondie, Generation X, The Fuzztones, and many more.

Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 42 mins

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