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v2 Release Notes: Defying easy categorization, synnack's v2 is perhaps best described as 'experimental electronic music' and fuses elements of ambient, noise, industrial, and IDM musical styles. v2 builds on synnack's prior releases by leveraging an increasing amount custom software, fi eld sampling techniques and live electronics to create an epic combination of ambient glitchy soundscapes and crunchy rhythmic mayhem. A special feature of the v2 release is that each CD package includes a card containing a unique 'regcode' which can be used to register on for access to additional songs unreleased tracks, videos, discounts on additional merchandise, and more. General Info: synnack is the creative design of Clint M. Sand (of 0xf8 Studios, and formerly of and Mono Chrome) & Jeff Ito. Clint is responsible for arrangement, sound design, mixing, mastering, video, programming, and instrumentation. Jeff provides additional instrumentation, sampling and live manipulations.

Track Listing

    • Int
    • Nauvoo
    • L3D
    • The Locative
    • Held Down By The Sun
    • Her Room
    • Rize (5mg)
    • Ochun
    • Systema Adroit
    • BBN
    • Underneath Outside
    • Ants In The Water

    Additional Details

    Label: Force Of Nature

    Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

    Release Date: 05/20/08

    UPC: 775020862623

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