Tamara Peterson - Whatever You Say (CD)

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A Blues Diva Pushes the Envelope…hard

One of the great things about running a record label is that sometimes an artist brings you a project that is so artistically daring, so unexpected, so difficult to put into one of those neat industry categories that you wonder if it's going to be 'understood' first time out. So this fascinating amalgam of deep Southern Soul, Blues, Funk and the contemporary sounds of Black America today is the artistic vision of Tamara Peterson herself but aided and supported by husband Lucky (who is himself no slouch when it comes to be both of today and true to his roots) and producer Steve Washington (who mainly works with cutting edge Dallas R&B acts). The songs are mainly from Tamara herself or Steve Washington and are, notably, 'real songs'! And Tamara is a singer of great warmth and expression. Those lucky (no pun intended....) enough to have caught the live shows of Mr and Mrs Peterson will attest to the quality too of the live performances - I think the Lucky and Tamara Peterson live show is just about the best there is out there on the circuit at the moment. So whether you approach this album from a Blues perspective, a Soul background or have just caught the show and are curious there is plenty here to recognise and plenty more to explore.JOHN STEDMAN

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Label: JSP Records

Genre: Blues

Release Date: 10/22/13

UPC: 788065884826

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