Tensy Krismant - Flash Cubano (CD)

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It's as if, suddenly, the esthetic stasis that has plagued Cuban art music has given way. Krismant's Flash Cubano, composed out of shards of earlier Cuban classical music, comparsas, dance music, modern compositions and more, suggests a new reevaluation of Cuban music by Cuban musicians. Krismant is a Cuban pianist, and he plays against just percussion on five tracks. On six, he plays alone.

Track Listing

    • Sueño Carnavalero
    • La Conga 'Siento un Bombo...'
    • Carnaval en Guaguancó
    • La Comparsa
    • A la Antigua
    • Tarde en la Habana
    • Danzón Legrand
    • Mamita, Greta
    • Contradanza Festiva
    • Danzas Cubanas
    • La Bella Cubana
    • Infante
    • Preludio de Esperanza
    • Despertar Cubano

    Additional Details

    Label: Ayva Musica

    Genre: Latin

    Run Time: 42 mins

    Release Date: 01/01/02

    UPC: 8427328880176

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